7th to 11th December 2011 - The COSSOL MEETING

Forty-one teachers from eleven European countries discussed with sixteen students about key competences for being able to meet the concept of lifelong learning in the future. The meeting focused on two key competences KC- 5 “Learning to Learn” and KC-6 “Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and civic cometence”.
7th to 11th December 2011 - The COSSOL MEETING


On Wednesday, 7th December our guests from eleven European countries finally arrived for the 5th Comenius / CoSSOL-meeting in Moers after stressful travelling by plane.

In the evening Waldemar Skorczik, project coordinator of the German school, invited all the partners to his home where the guests were welcomed officially.

A considerable number of the Mercator vocational college’s staff were present on this private occasion and took part in the friendly and hospitable evening.



The following morning (Thursday, 8th December), with the official welcoming of all project partners carried out by students addressing the guests in their native tongues, the first working day started in a well-prepared assembly hall.


The starting point of this day was a presentation by teachers of the Mercator vocational college, who are occupied with the development of learning and teaching processes at this institution: Mrs Schurenberg and Mrs Hilweg – cooperative learning scenarios, Mr Kunert – peer-to-peer evaluation, Mr Graack and Mr Velsink – portfolio work and Mrs Klein – glottodrama / FLT department.

They informed the group about concepts and methods on how to meet future demands towards teaching and learning processes with regard to the project’s general aim. Afterwards they invited the project partners to attend classes in order to see some of these approaches being put into action in everyday work.


At 12.30 pm there was a short break for which students themselves had prepared various fresh German snacks.


Opening the second half of the first day, Alberto Cardoso, coordinator of the CoSSOL-project, introduced major changes in the project’s official website in a two-part workshop, mainly focusing on the improvement of collaborative work of all partners by internet-based applications, that enables partners to exchange their products, contributions and important dates even more easily.


Following this workshop, Riina Karvonen and Leena Pekkanen, participants from the Finish partner school, initialized a group work on the issue of counseling students in their learning processes and how to improve working and learning together by specific methods applied at their school (e.g. focusing on empowerment).


After discussing the results and impressions, partners were invited to visit the local Christmas market in the city centre of Moers.

In the evening the group had dinner at a local brewery and restaurant.



On Friday, 9th December the second day of the meeting started with a presentation by the Turkish delegation. Different types of learners and therefore learning approaches were introduced to the audience. From there a discussion developed amongst all participants on how and to what extent these issues and demands can be met successfully in everyday teaching and learning processes.

At 12.30 pm there was again a short break for which students themselves had prepared various fresh snacks.

Again Alberto Cardoso opened the second half of this working day by giving the second part of his workshop, supporting the partners’ collaborative work by using web-based applications like flickr, worldle, slideshare, wiki, etc..


The last workshop of this two-day meeting was held by the Bulgarian delegation who mainly focused on the concept of civic competences and their realisation in teaching and learning processes. From the general idea of human rights, participants had to discuss their protection in daily life and learning processes in smaller multilateral groups.

The topic was complemented by Mr Susser who also showed a small video focusing on social competences.

After this last contribution a coordniating meeting was held to organise the next meeting in Turkey in March.


For the evening students and Mrs Halfmann (biology teacher and vice coordinator at the German school) had organized a party in the teachers’ lounge. The teachers’ band (Mr Brett and Mr Buscke – guitar and vocals, Mr Graack – bass) played some contemporary rock tunes. A buffet with local seasonal dishes were organised and prepared by students. Later on a DJ invited all guests (partners, students and staff of the Mercator vocational college) to dance.


After a long night the last day of the meeting started (10th December) with a bus trip to the regional capital of Dusseldorf city. Next to a walk along the banks of the River Rhine to the old harbour of the city and a view of the iconic office buildings of Frank Gehry, partners visited the local Christmas market and had some free time to go shopping on Dussledorf’s main mall – the Konigsallee.

The day as well as the meeting ended with a dinner at a Portugese social club in Krefeld (a town close to Moers), where typical Portuguese dishes were served.


Katja Lübcke and Lisa Feuchter from Mercator vocational college

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